Make your list and check it twice


Happy Friday guys!

I hope that you have had a productive week. I want to talk to you about the importance of making a list.

All and all the idea of life is to live out a productive one and accomplishing goals and taking on challenges is a huge part of that. Now that last sentence is easier said then done as sometime our schedules can get real hectic which ultimately can derail our focus from day to day task. This is why I suggest that everyone should make a list either before they go to bed at night or before they really get started in their day in the morning. That list should comprise of things to do, people to reach, and where you have to be, the times and each to do line item categorized in it’s importance.

Here are the benefits.

  1. Keeps you focused on what’s important throughout the day so no matter what curve balls are thrown at you, you can always revert back to your list. Since you’ve categorized items in it’s importance you can opt to push certain non-essential line items to the next day so that you can focus on unexpected occurrences or other line items that maybe are taking longer to complete.
  2. It encourages self-discipline. You have to have self-discipline to write a list everyday and follow through with it’s task. One of the most important attribute employers look for in an employee is that they can be self-maintained and are a self-starter. It’s the same attribute needed to be a successful entrepreneur. By practicing consistently the act of list making and following through you sharpen a skill that will enhance your life in other areas and put you in line for promotion and/or advancement!

I want to challenge you to start list making on this coming Monday and come back and leave in the comment box how it is going!


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