Dealing with Stress


Hey guys I was recently speaking to someone who seemed very bothered so I asked him what was wrong. As he begin to rant off several things that wasn’t going as planned, I realized that his issues wasn’t the things per se, he was just stressed. So I gave him some advice that I wanted to share with you to apply to your life when you start to get overwhelmed.

  1. Check Your Perception. Know this, stress can change your perception. What you would normally consider as menial, seemingly  becomes real big after stress is introduced. Make sure that your perceptions haven’t been warped by pressure by keeping strong counsel around you. (Ecclesiastes 4:9 says Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:) Having a team and/or support system will serve you well and keep your outlook objective.
  2. Rest. When we have a lot on our minds we tend to get little to no rest. Resting is the way the body was designed to renew itself. If you don’t rest, you can’t be your best, and that will affect your production, agility, and your overall mentality. I know you are over consumed with whatever is challenging you, but  you have to do what it takes to rest!
  3. Find your center. Just as much as we need to be clear headed to have proper rest, we need to be clear headed to properly pray. If your mind is jumping from one thought to the next, riddled with worry you will have a challenging time connecting with God who IS peace. You have to be able to create a space of peace in your life where God lives, and be able to connect to that space at any time, any place, and disconnect from this natural world and it’s worry.

Doing these three things alone will keep you when the pressures of life are trying to take you under! Leave your comments and let me know what are some other ways you like to deal with stress.

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