The Power of NO


From a child we have been warned about the guile of peer pressure. Not following the crowd. Standing up against right. It’s a part of the life lessons of childhood. What they didn’t teach us (at least as far as I can recollect) is how hard it is sometimes to say no. As well, what no is connected with. No is connected with loosing friends, being an outcast, and feeling vulnerable. It also means you run the risk of hurting someones feelings.

Yet in still, NO is a powerful word.

No is a measuring tool  which we can establish and maintain healthy space and self identity. No speaks loudly, “This is who I am; this is what I value; this is what I will and will not do; this is how I will choose to act.” There is nothing wrong with loving others, giving to others,  and cooperating with others, but that shouldn’t come at the risk of loosing our self.  When it does NO is in order!

No empowers you to create your own limits. Most of us need this self-in-charge-and-wholly-responsible empowerment that comes with the word no. This empowerment has no cost to it (financially that is) and you can start today! Create boundaries and when anything or any person tries to cross them – Just say No!

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