What to Do When Divorce is an Option


When a staggering 40 – 50% of marriages will end in divorce in America I think that raises just cause to talk about the D word! Ladies and Gentlemen divorce is real, no matter your socioeconomic background, race and/or creed if not careful you can end up on the other side of marriage. I’ve heard friends tell me that the affects of divorce is like someone killing you on the inside, they say it feels like death.

I can imagine, no matter the length of time, spending any amount of time mending your lives as one then having to rip it a part is something I wouldn’t wish on my best enemy. So I don’t want to paint a false vision or give you a false hope. So let’s just cut to the chase and talk about what to do when divorce IS an option.

Watch how long you stay isolated. Going through a divorce can make you feel lonely, and you may even feel like you’re losing friendships especially if you and your spouse shared mutual relationships. Focus on reaching out to your closest friends so you have a support group. It’s also a good idea to talk to other folks who have been through a divorce.

Your Needs Matter. When you’re in the midst of a divorce, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself. Your kids needs you to be at your best so they can be taken care of as well. Make sure to eat healthy and get enough sleep. You should also provide more structure in your life. Set up a daily plan, so your life doesn’t feel so overwhelming. And remember to pencil in some fun! We all feel better when we have something to look forward to.

Remember the dust always settles. It’s important to allow yourself some time to feel the pains of divorce, but you don’t want sadness to be your default emotion. If you’re a ‘Debbie Downer’ all of the time, your friends and co-workers may actually start to avoid you. Attempt to find humor in life. Keep in mind that things will get better with the passage of time. Once you get through the initial stages of the divorce you might actually find comfort in being free from your marriage.

If these points are helped you leave a comment below or even a question!

Published by Tyrus Hinton

Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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