The Power of Social Media


Hello guys I wanted to talk to you about the power of social media. It has been the death or life of many people. One tweet, post, send, update can change you life forever. Specifically when it comes to people considering you for employment, giving you a raise, obtaining a client, or signing a new contract etc.

Let me ask you this? What does your social media say about you? Does it say you are a well put together astute individual or does it say that your life is full of drama and you have a hard time getting along with people? Well you should know that the answer to that question can be the difference between someone hiring you or someone firing you. Social media has literally became the new resume.

Here are some tips to remember while using your social media.

Get a Professional Profile Picture. No matter what social network platform you are on, choosing the right profile picture is like choosing the appropriate attire for a formal affair. It’s typically the first thing people will see. If you don’t have a professional photo (not a selfie) then you are not really ready for the marketplace anyway. You should make it your priority PRIORITY to get professionally photos ASAP.

Diversify your post. Don’t just put up post of what your child wears when they go to school everyday or of your favorite basketball sport and/or team. You should post about an array of topics that interest you (be organic with it – if it doesn’t interest you don’t talk about it for show.) For example, one business post, one personal post, one political post a day. This shows that you have depth as an individual and not just a one trick pony.

Accumulate Yourself on all Platforms. I know you have a favorite social media platform, but the reality is #AllSocialNetworkPlatformsMatter. Your next client, gig, supervisor, million dollar contract could be on the platform you don’t prefer.

Social media is relevant and important in our culture, you can’t get around it. Put your best foot forward and I wish you all the best!

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