You Can Make an Impact

It’s Friday, I hope you have had a great week! I want us to take some time today to reflect on the impact we make on others. The market place is where God has allowed you to be placed so that you can impact and influence others. Not everyone will come through the doors of the church, but it’s amazing how many people we come into contact with on a daily basis.

Change the way you view your job or your business. It is not just a way for you to make money, or to ‘make ends meet’. We have a responsibility to be the best at what we do to fulfill the role we play as part of the Body of Christ.

Use your skill set to help others. Take what you are good at and create a business out of it. It might not be a mighty corporation (yet), but it is an opportunity to serve others.

Learn as much as you can. Influence is given to those who are recognized for their exceptional skill. Whatever it is that you do, you become influential when you can teach, and inspire someone else to model what you do well.

You have been specifically equipped to meet the needs of others, and in doing so your needs will also be met. Take a new approach to the marketplace and use today to make an impact on someone for the better.


Feel free to leave your questions and comments!

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