Building Relationships in the Workplace

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Hey everyone! It’s Monday and we are beginning another work week! How do you feel about going in to work today? Are you excited about the possibilities open to you, or are you dreading walking through those doors? How ever you feel, this blog is to help you enjoy your work environment just a bit more.

The relationships you have at work can have a huge impact on your productivity. Studies show that having good working relationships encourages more engagement and satisfaction in the workplace.

Be positive. We all have ‘off days’ from time to time. Sometimes we don’t understand why a person acts the way they do. Try to listen before you judge. There may be coworkers who are carrying some kind of emotional baggage that is displayed through their behavior. They may be snapping at you, but really their problem is nothing to do with you. Your positivity will be contagious and set a tone within the work environment. Be the one who brings light and help to dispel the negativity of others.

Be an active listener. We know how important it is to be a good communicator, but did you know listening is just as important as talking? Customers, colleagues, bosses and business partners respond better to people who really listen to what they are saying. This builds trust which is so important in any business relationship. Listening leads to more productive conversation. Try listening more, but stay away from gossip!

Set Boundaries. Friendships at your job are great, but not when they begin to get in the way of your productivity. A boss or supervisor asking for something every 30 minutes will impact your efficiency (and probably get on your nerves). Don’t be afraid to be assertive and make sure to set structure in place that works for you.

Good working relationships are like keys – they open the doors to opportunities in the workplace.

Have a productive week! Leave your questions and comments below.

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