You Are an Asset

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Believe in yourself. You are called, you are anointed and you are on assignment. Your assignment is tied to your purpose and is what God has created you to do. We have talked a lot in the previous blogs about investing in yourself and being the best that you can be and it is because God needs you to be in a place where He can use you.

Be your best and let God do the rest. Give everything you are a part of 100%. God will allow opportunities for you to add to you skill set to come your way because of your commitment to do your best to fulfill your purpose.

Know your worth. It doesn’t matter what position you hold, what you do makes a difference. One of the characteristics of a true marketplace minister is that the company you are connected to will prosper because you are there. This will eventually lead to you being in a place to give advice and make favorable decisions.

So, don’t down-play yourself or your abilities. Look at your position from Gods viewpoint. God needs His people in every area of society. Understand that you are an asset and live your life knowing that you can inspire the world.


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