Market Yourself

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God designed you with a particular purpose in mind. There are a particular group of people that you have to meet. A conversation you must have. Somebody somewhere is waiting on you to bring change to their life. Now that you know that you are great, it’s now time to demonstrate.

Only you can do what you do, the way that you do it. Identify and focus on what you do well. There may be many people with the same job title as you, but you perform it in a way that is unique to you. This makes you stand out from the crowd. What you already do is your marketability.

No one knows you better than you- so who better to speak about your selling points than you? Take time to get to know yourself, your abilities, talents and gifts. God gave you these gifts and abilities for a purpose so don’t be afraid to speak about them.

Be motivated and passionate about you! If you are excited about a new product you’ve tried and tell someone else about it, they also become excited about it and want to try it. Have this same enthusiasm when you speak about yourself! Sometimes we find it easier to speak well about others and difficult to speak about ourselves. God doesn’t downplay you and your abilities, so you shouldn’t either. A healthy attitude towards your shortcomings is productive, but don’t get lost in what you can’t do.

So it’s time to take the initiative as it relates to yourself. God has given you the tools, now run with them. Be visible, be proactive, trust yourself, and confidently walk through doors of opportunity.

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