The Benefits of a Mentor

Having a mentor is great for personal and professional development. A mentor will share knowledge, experience and expertise with others. It is also a biblical concept. Mentoring relationships are found all throughout the bible: Jethro and Moses, Elijah and Elisha, Eli and Samuel, Samuel and David just to name a few. And of course Jesus and the disciples.

In the workplace, mentoring benefits all parties involved.

The Mentee: There are numerous benefits that result from having a mentor. The mentee receives the opportunity to get sound advice, education and insight into their personal life, field of study or occupation. When faced with the problems and struggles you may encounter as an employee or entrepreneur, having a wise or more experienced person to help guide you through is always beneficial. Also, a professional relationship with a mentor will provide encouragement and assistance with the tough choices you may have to make.

The Mentor: The relationship between a mentor and the mentee provides mutual advantages. In the case of the mentor, they can gain confidence, increased job satisfaction and eventually a potentially expanded network and reputation. Confidence and job satisfaction can be gained because the interaction causes the mentor to take on a leadership role. Additionally, once the mentee “graduates”, from the mentorship a strong professional relationship is generally built and because of this the mentee will be an example of the positive impact of the mentor, thus, expanding their reputation and connections.

The Business: The business overall prospers from mentorship because they allow the company to focus on growth rather than training. Furthermore, the employees who are connected through various mentorships benefit from having stronger bonds and better communication, which leads to a more organized, creative and robust working environment. Even the owner themselves being mentored can increase profit and productivity.


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