Progress With The Times

A marketplace minister needs to be ahead of the game. The times we live in changes and advances every day. Developments in every area of life are happening at an amazing rate, and we have to progress with the times, or get left behind. In order to stay influential, you must stay relevant.

Change your mindset. Don’t get stuck in what has been. Things may have been working the way that it has, but there is always room for improvement. Don’t be afraid to embrace new ideas. Challenge the way you think about your job or your business. What are your goals and is your mindset preventing you from meeting these goals in anyway? As a marketplace minister your ultimate goal is always to put Jesus on display through what you do, and to become the best at what you do so that your Godly influence can affect those around you. If what you’re doing is not having a positive effect, then change is necessary. You have to think differently in order to get different results.

Change your methods. Staying relevant may mean changing the way you do things. It could be small changes or a complete overhaul. A marketplace minister has been chosen to influence through their industry, and that means meeting the needs of others. Who are you trying to reach? It is important to take time to asses if you methods are relevant to your target audience. Find out what matters to them and adjust your approach so that they are included.

Change your skills. Well really this means add to and update your skills. Don’t wait on a time when certification has to be renewed in order to update your skills. Read, research, and practice in your spare time. Use every tool available to you make you the best impact you can.

We have a responsibility to remain relevant in the marketplace so that Jesus and The Kingdom can be represented in every way.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments!

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