Be Determined

Determination is key when it comes to the success of a marketplace minister. All of the greats in the bible had times of self-doubt and wavering. All of the greats in the world we live in today have been at a point when they wanted to give up, but they were all able to pull some resolve from somewhere and push until they saw results.

God has equipped you with what you need. Whether you have been called to traditional ministry, or marketplace ministry by way of your job or as an entrepreneur, God has equipped you with what you need. Take time to discover your skills. There are abilities inside of you that you have not yet realized, but will be cultivated while you use and develop what you have already. You have the Holy Spirit, and you have God’s favor. Let the Holy Spirit guide you (yes, even in the marketplace) to meet the right people, to use the right tools, and be in the right place at the right time.

Don’t give up. Let purpose be your motivation. Always remember the reason why you are doing what you are doing. Your success will allow the lives of others to be changed. You are a role model. You are a Kingdom representative. You are someone’s link to the love of Jesus. Even on your toughest days, the will of God for your life is still being fulfilled. Pushing through those difficult times will always yield results.

You are not alone. God has and is strategically placing marketplace ministers in all areas of society. Find others around you who are like minded and be a source of encouragement to each other. Having a mentor is a great way of reminding yourself that others have been where you are and have made it through. No matter what challenge you face, you can overcome. Don’t be afraid to share your challenges with others. God will place people in your life that will support what you are doing and be able to advise you when you need it.

Be determined today to reach your goals. You can do it!

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