Start Right Where You Are

These series of blogs have been focused on succeeding in the world of work as marketplace ministers. Marketplace ministers are needed in all areas of society to bring Godly influence into the systems that govern the world. Whether it is through your employment or your own business, or even both, God needs you to represent him. The way we can do that is by being the best at what we do so that we can have influence in our surroundings.

This may seem like a daunting task. Your goals, dreams and visions may be huge and you may be wondering where to start. Well my advice to you is to start right where you are. Somebody in your circle is in need of your expertise. Yes, you have set goals and plans in motion to get from one level to the next but don’t get so caught up in checking things off of the list that you miss putting your vision into action in the here and now. Start with your neighbor, your co-worker, community groups. Be committed to touching someone’s life right where you are, while working towards your ultimate goal. When you do this your life will immediately become more rewarding, you will be putting your gifts into use, and your goals and dreams will become more attainable.

Keep things in perspective. Goals are what we are working towards, but progression takes place in the now.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below!

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