Purpose Leads to Persistence

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Sometimes it’s hard to see if all of your hard work is paying off. Everyone wants to see the fruit of their labor and it can be frustrating when you don’t see immediate results. The truth is that in most cases you have to believe in what is to come because of the actions you have taken. Your future will be a result of the things you do today.

Encourage yourself with the expectation of the harvest you will receive from the seeds that you have sown on a regular bases. Take a farmer for example. The Farmer puts in a tremendous amount of work before there is any evidence of any results. He plows and plants, and plows and plants over and over again. Some crops take months and some take up to a year to yield, but he doesn’t give up even though he can see no growth or slow growth.

Here are some of the ways persistence will help you to succeed in the marketplace:

Persistence will make you an expert because it causes you to do the same thing over and over again. Persistence teaches you to get up after failure, to learn from your mistakes and to try again. Persistence shows you the true value of success. It will highlight the amount of effort and dedication it takes to make something happen. Persistence develops patience, faith, humility and positivity.

Keep a positive mental attitude when it comes to your purpose, and allow persistence to produce in you what it takes to succeed.

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