How Important is a Good Resume?

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A resume looks like just an account of your education and career history, but to the reader it is a lot more. Your resume paints a picture of you on paper and is your first chance at making a good impression to a perspective employer or business partner. I’m sure you know the basics of writing a resume: keep it neat and pleasing to the eye, include your contact information, be honest etc. But do you know studies show that a perspective employer may only take 10 seconds to make a decision about you based on your resume? So how can you make your resume reflect you? Here are a few things you might not have thought about:

Consider the tone of voice. How your resume is written is just as important as what you put on your resume. The layout and language used is extremely important. Find a balance between professionally stating factual information without being too clinical and impersonal.

Remember the purpose of the resume. Your resume will get you to the interview because it made the employer want to get to know you better. Your resume needs to tell your story in a quick, clear and concise manner.

Customize your resume. When it comes to resumes, one size does not fit all. Tweak your resume to relate to the specific position you are applying for. You may have an extensive skill-set, make sure you emphasize your strengths that meet the needs of the specific job. Employers don’t want to know why you are a good employee in general, they want to know why you will be great for that particular job or company.

Don’t forget to have someone proofread your resume and correct grammar and spelling mistakes. You are great, let your resume show off your greatness!

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