Keep Motivated

Ok, so it’s Wednesday. Half way through the working week. You have goals set for the week, the month, and even the year. You have dreams and visions for the future and you are on the way to accomplishment. The road to success is not always easy, so how do you keep yourself motivated?

Motivation and attitude work hand in hand. The best way to stay motivated is to find a way to make a task interesting or fun. This is easier said than done, but even the most laborious of tasks can be more bearable if you take the right approach.

Recognize your progress. To keep motivated it is essential to keep track of what you have already accomplished however big or small. Remember that everything is not going to happen at once. You might want to wait until the entire goal is achieved before you feel a sense of satisfaction, but it is important to celebrate positive progress when it happens.

Reward yourself. This is one of the most powerful ways to stay motivated. This will keep you from being so hard on yourself. The reward could be as small as a few minutes break or something more extravagant. The point is honestly rewarding yourself for progress, will motivate you to reach the next milestone.

Find the reasons why. Keep in mind the reason why this task is important. It is part of the bigger picture and the only way to reach the end goal. Find the good in your goal and use it to push you through the tough and unpleasant tasks.


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Published by Tyrus Hinton

Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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