Turn Your “I Can’t into I Can”

Have you heard the words innovation, groundbreaking, progressive? These words have become part of the marketplace vocabulary and are what every modern business wants to be. They have become the words that define your relevance or the relevance of your business. Being able to assign these attributes to yourself or your business causes you to stand out from the rest.

Do you only do what you are told to do? Being innovative requires being able to carry out more than just what is needed. Being able to see beyond the task at hand is the first sign of an entrepreneurial attitude. Develop your innovativeness by looking at difficult situations from another angle. Instead of throwing your hands up and declaring “well I’ve done my part, that’s all I can do”, identify possible ways to make things work if there was an ‘if’.

It’s not business as usual. It’s easy to fall into a mode of repetition and this is good when you want to get the same results and become proficient at something. But when it comes to innovation, doing what you’re used to becomes your enemy. Don’t stop looking for other possible solutions just because you’ve found one that works. Keep asking questions to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing.

It’s ok to make mistakes. Some of your ideas are not going to work, but don’t let this inhibit you. Think of the failure as an experiment. Accept it, learn from it and put your new knowledge into positive action.

As marketplace ministers, we are called to be the innovators and trendsetters. Have faith in what you have been called to do. God believes that you can and so should you.

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