Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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It’s Friday! While you are winding down the week, I wanted to give you something to think about. Are you comfortable? We work so hard to get to that desired place and when we get there we want to stay there. Comfortable is a place in our lives that feels secure, happy, relaxed and familiar. When we get to this place we can finally put our minds at ease and enjoy the fruits of our labor and be contented with what we have accomplished. Comfortable is a great feeling and I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to stay at that place. But there is a flip side to being comfortable. Comfortable can cause you to become stagnant. Don’t stay in that place for too long. As a marketplace minister you are called to be continually breaking boundaries and bringing light into places where it would otherwise be rejected. Within your comfort zone is a great place to plan your next move. In this place your confidence is high and your anxiety levels are low. Think of it like a pit-stop. While you are there you can re-fuel, and equip yourself with what you need to get back in the race until it’s time for another pit-stop.

Do something new. If you have remained in your comfort zone for too long, it can be very difficult to break out. Your brain will not understand your desire to induce stress by taking risks. But the more you push yourself to try something new the easier it will become. Retrain your brain by starting with new experiences in your personal life, where there is minimal risk, and then build up to bigger things.

Productive discomfort. Staying in your comfort zone kills productivity. It gives you permission to do the minimum required. Once you begin to step out you will rekindle your drive and ambition to find more ways or become more efficient at fulfilling your purpose.

Unleash your creativity. Seeking new experiences and learning new things will open the door to your creative process. A positive uncomfortable situation will cause you to challenge old thinking patterns, and allow you to see problems in a different light.

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