Stay Focused On Purpose

Everybody goes through a period of time when they get bored, unenthused, and distracted from their goals. As a marketplace minister, it is imperative that you keep your goal and purpose as a motivator when times get slow. There is a specific reason why you are doing what you do, and it is to help others and to bring Godly influence into the systems of the world in which we live. God has given you a divine assignment that only you can do.

We all have dreams but sticking to the goals we have made to make those dreams a reality is the hard part. Most of us start a project, get bored or lose focus and move onto something else. Bringing your dreams to fruition is going to take consistency and mental endurance.

It’s OK to feel a lack of motivation sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you have lost your passion or that you are pursuing something that isn’t meant for you. It simply means that you need to have the will power or mental endurance to continue on despite of what you feel. It’s easy to work when you are fully motivated, but being able to work when it’s not easy is what makes the difference.

Remember that your purpose is not an event, it is a process and fulfillment is not going to happen overnight. Your purpose must become your lifestyle in order for it to yield continuous results. If you can keep your focus on the end result and not what you are feeling right now, you will develop that drive to keep going.

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