The 7 Spheres of Influence

It’s Friday! I hope you have had a productive week and that these blogs have helped to keep you encouraged and motivated! As marketplace ministers, the work is abundant and the reward is great for the people that you will assist, and for you as you walk in your purpose. I want to leave you with something to think about over the weekend.

There are 7 spheres of influence that make up our society and as a marketplace minister, you are called to one or more of these areas: business, government, education, family, arts, media and religion. Most of these take place outside of the church walls and many of us find our careers in one of these spheres. This is where God has caused us to be placed to bring Godly influence through our skill and expertise in the workplace.

We must understand that what we do in the marketplace is just as important and as much a part of ministry as what we do at church on Sunday’s. Your ability to teach, entertain, or do business is a God given ability that must be used to build the Kingdom. God cares about your work and will use you and your abilities in the marketplace to bring glory to His name.

Sometimes we think about our jobs as a necessity for us to have a roof over our heads and food on the table, but God sees it differently. Your job is where you have been divinely assigned to meet the many people whose lives will be touched and transformed by God through you.

You have been divinely appointed to become influential in one of the 7 spheres of society through your job or career. Whatever you are working towards in your job or career, you are in the perfect place to become a world changer, and God planned it that way!

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