How Do You Work Best?

It’s Monday! We all have high expectations of a great week ahead of us. One way of getting the most out of our working week is to work how we work best. Have you ever taken the time to analyze how you work your best? There may be a certain set of conditions that you need to work at your best, but what happens when these needs are not met?

For example, do you prefer to work alone or in a group? Most employers and companies would list working collaboratively as one of the essential qualities they look for in an employee or business partner. There is nothing wrong with the ability to work individually and to execute your best work on your own, but when it comes to business, and personal growth, being able to invite others in and to work together on a shared goal will be necessary and will also improve and add to your skills and development. There are benefits to working autonomously and to working collaboratively. If you can master them both and know when it’s the best time to utilize each working style, you will optimize your productivity.

Understanding how and why you work the way that you do allows you to identify your most and least productive work habits and discover ways to improve on your skills and your working environment. Many businesses now employ more modern practices such as flexible working hours, working from home and other innovations that enable employees to work their best. Find the conditions that foster productivity and creativity in your life and work on recreating this within your work environment. Be honest with yourself about skills that need to be developed and embrace personal development.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments!

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