Why We Need Marketplace Ministers

If you have been following these series of blogs, you know that they are centered on the need for us to understand our role within the marketplace. God has created each of us with a definite purpose in mind, and a specific gift or talent that must be used outside of the church.

We need transformation in our societies. There are seven spheres of influence that govern the way society thinks, feels, and behaves. These seven spheres are business, government, education, family, arts, media and religion. All of us our gifted in some way to operate within one or more of these areas. It is important that we as believers become successful and influential in the area we work in so that we can come against corruption with Godly influence. This does not mean getting up and ‘preaching’ in the middle of your office, but it does mean living your life in a way that others will respect and trust your ideas and decisions, and see and meet Christ through you.

Jesus has been misrepresented throughout the world. As a marketplace minister, and as a believer, you are a representation of Christ wherever you go. You meet far more people in you daily lives and especially at work than you will ever see come through the doors of the church. You have been handpicked by God to work in a certain field to use your gift to help others, and in doing so, you become a true representation of Jesus. When you teach, entertain, or do business in alignment with your purpose lives will be touched.

The Kingdom needs to expand. You do not have to be a full time minister to build the Kingdom. Many people around the world need specialist skills and workers to solve their problems. As an influential professional in the marketplace, your skills and abilities will open up doors to institutions and industries that would reject Christ under normal circumstances.

Marketplace ministers are needed now more than ever to step into their roles and make a difference.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments below.

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