Leadership Skills

The ability to lead is one of the skills necessary for success. Leadership roles are a part of our everyday life, and are displayed in many areas outside of the workplace. You may have heard the phrase ‘a born leader’, but in fact many of the skills that contribute to great leadership can be learned and developed. You may not be a natural born leader but you can definitely grow to become one. Here are a few leadership qualities we can all work on improving:

Leaders inspire and motivate others. This is more than being enthusiastic or giving motivational talks. It is the ability to cause another to know that they matter, and that what they do counts to the point that they desire to do their best.

Leaders are honest and have integrity. People will gravitate to and be led or guided by people they trust. Leaders are transparent, are not afraid of the truth, and their actions back up what they say. As a leader you are a role model and set the tone of the community you lead by the behavior you display.

Leaders are good communicators. Leaders are able to communicate effectively and clearly and understand that communication is a two-way street.

Leaders have vision. A leader is able to look ahead to where the business is going. The vision keeps the leader inspired, organized, persistent even in tough times, and maintains focus.

Take the time to assess your leadership skills and work on developing them. The potential to be a great leader is within all of us.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments below.

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