Beating Procrastination

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Procrastination is the thief of time. It will creep in and cause you to squander the time that you could have used to achieve more effectively. It will fool you into believing that you have enough time to complete the task at the last minute. Procrastination will make you lie to yourself, and distorts your rational decision making ability.

There is more to avoiding procrastination than just being more organized. If you do not have will-power, all your organization efforts will go down the drain. Planning to do something is not the same as actually doing something. Procrastinators are usually great visionaries, and great planners, but are poor implementers. The hardest thing for a procrastinator to do is either to start, or to bring something to a complete end.

To beat procrastination, you have to first admit that it is something that you do, and recognize the harm it causes in your life. Some of the results of procrastination are: you are constantly stressed or in a state of panic because there is a looming deadline that will be near impossible to meet; you don’t reach your full potential or produce your best work; always criticizing yourself for repeatedly ending up in this situation. You must make a choice to do things a different way.

Create methods that will force you to be accountable, such as: getting family or friends to hold you to the goal you have set; schedule and make public a deadline that cannot be avoided; establish small rewards for yourself that can only be enjoyed after you reach a set level of achievement; break big goals or projects into a series of small, manageable tasks. Aim for slow progress over an acceptable space of time, rather than a panicked explosion of work at the last minute.

There is more to beating procrastination than being more efficient at work, it is about gaining control of your life and your happiness, which leads to greater relationships, greater feelings of fulfillment and greater productivity.

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