Build Your Confidence

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You would be surprised at the amount of people who struggle with self-confidence. How you think about yourself is instrumental in how successful you will be. Your confidence and belief in yourself, your purpose, and goals will be what attracts to you what you want. Studies have shown that the most distinguishing feature of successful people is self-confidence.

They great thing about confidence is that it can be developed. Self-confidence begins on the inside and either grows or is stunted by your self-talk. Speaking positively to yourself is the beginning of confidence. Understand that your level of self-confidence is totally down to you.

Getting to really know yourself is key to building self-confidence. Discover your strengths and weakness, your abilities and where you need to gain knowledge, how you behave in different types of situations, what you are willing to take and what you are willing to give. When you know who you are and what you stand for, your confidence becomes un-wavering.

Get comfortable with acknowledging your accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with recognizing what you have done well and giving yourself a pat on the back. Your confidence grows from how well you can manage roles and tasks, so if you are always denying how well you have done, or the level of contribution you have made, you will destroy your confidence.

Building your confidence happens over time. Learn to use criticism and other experiences that would usually discourage you as positive reasons to grow and improve.

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