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Success has a variety of meanings for different people, so what do you use to gauge your success? The dictionary describes success as ‘The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.’ This tells us that no matter how small, if it was an intentional target, the accomplishment is a success. Life is made up of many successes in many different forms, but all too often we fail to recognize just how successful we are.

Success is attainable. As a society we seem to equate success with monetary and material gain rather than anything to do with personal substance. In actual fact, we do ourselves a dis-service by only measuring our success by the size of our bank account, house or car, or other material possessions. Personal and purposeful goals are far more noteworthy. Many people feel disheartened, depressed or consider themselves a failure because they measure their success by comparison to someone else. The truth is, success is multifaceted and specific from person to person, and because of this it is possible to all.

You will never know what success is to you, until you clearly understand your purpose, and what is important to you. In spite of what society portrays, success is as individualized as a fingerprint. Your ideals, goals and ambition may closely resemble someone else’s, but will not be identical. Take time to examine your own thoughts and feelings on what is important and significant to you, and let your goals be developed out of this place. Purpose has a way of leading us before we even realize what it is, so if you look back over your life with these goals in mind, you will probably notice that your life has been more successful than you previously thought.

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