Where are you headed?

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Our lives need direction. It sounds like an obvious statement. How much thought have you put into the direction that you are headed in? Almost everyone knows where they want to get to, and most know that they want to get there in a hurry, put few put significant thought into the direction they need to travel in to get there.

Knowing where we want to be and getting there is not as easy as it sounds. If it was, so many more people would be living their dream right now. For every successful person, there are 10 others who are struggling to achieve theirs. The difference is direction. Once we set a goal in our minds, the tendency is to get there as soon as possible, but direction is much more important than speed.

Setting goals, reflection, prioritizing, are all ways to give your life direction. Revisiting and revising these goals need to happen often in order to remain aligned with you direction. There are many people who claim to have a dream, but their actions and decisions do not line up with the path they should be on to achieve it.

Throughout life, things will happen that may knock you off course or even cause you to have to take another route, but always remember to make sure that your direction is aligned to your dream.

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