Joy Is Not Circumstantial

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We all go through struggles. Struggles consistently bombard us as we journey through life. We are faced with various unforeseeable circumstances, many of which, we can label as unfavorable or unpleasant. Sometimes because of the unpleasantness of many circumstances we turn bitter and harbor resentment for the situations we are faced with. This often leads to sadness, and in compounded cases depression.  There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, a little depressed or even anger; however, when we dwell in these emotions and act negatively upon them it becomes a cause for concern. It is imperative that we realize that joy is not dependent upon our feelings or circumstances.

Joy is a powerful emotion and is a wonderful emotion to allow to surround your life. Joy and happiness help fill our lives with positivity and productivity. Joyfulness is also a very contagious emotion, and is likely to spread from you to others. This is very important in the marketplace. When you are filled with joy, you exude an energy that will attract to you favorable opportunities. Also, as a leader, being filled with joy is a very powerful way to motivate your team, as creating a joyful atmosphere will increases productivity.

As individuals, we are responsible for our emotional state and responses. Therefore, to be joyful is a choice. No matter what obstacles are thrown into our paths, we can always choose to remain joyful. No circumstance, good or bad, should dictate whether the presence of joy is in our lives. True joy goes beyond what is taking place in the physical realm of our lives, because it is connected to our contentment, confidence and hope.

Take the time to reflect and discover your joy and be sure to keep it, nurture it and never let it go.

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