The Value of Effort

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Effort is something which we often neglect. Our attention is generally devoted to gaining knowledge and improving our skill set. Both of these are important and necessary in order to accomplish anything, however so is effort. The act of putting your all into a piece of work or activity is extremely valuable and will never go unrecognized. People are more likely to appreciate someone trying their best, giving 100%, going above and beyond to achieve, than an extremely gifted individual whose heart is not in it.

The effort you put into a task is a representation of your character and attitude. Effort makes your selflessness and maturity noticeable. In the workplace it shows that you are looking past yourself, that you actually care about your job and want to do what you can to make it better. It emphasizes your maturity by showing that you have surpassed the childish mindset of doing the least amount of work possible. Ability will get you a position, but your work ethic and attitude will keep you there.

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