Utilize Your Creativity

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Everybody has a wealth of creativity inside of them, after all we have been created in the image and likeness of The One who created all things! Creativity surrounds us, and is both absorbed and radiated by us and through us.

Being creative has often been demonized or frowned upon because it deviates from the norms of society. From a very young age we are taught what is acceptable in every area of or lives from how we dress to how we work. Although boundaries are definitely needed, the effect has been a suppression of creativity.

A close look at successful people will show you that success and creativity walk hand-in-hand. Those that can see beyond the norm, and are not afraid to act upon it are the innovators of today. We have boxed creativity into meaning things like eccentric, artistic, decorating your home with colors and textures; and yes, these are all byproducts of creativity, but they are not the only forms.

Creativity is basically a generating and production of ideas, and can and should be utilized in all aspects of our lives. In fact, you are already a creative person, or else you would not have reached this place in life. Somewhere along your journey from childhood to this point you have had to overcome an obstacle using your own thoughts.

Examine your life and you will realize the creativity you use on a daily basis. Use this realization to charge the level of excellence that can be achieved through applying your creativity to a given task.

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