Turning Thought into Matter

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Life is energy. Your thoughts contain energy. This energy that is in us and surrounds us can be shaped and manifested at will. You are what you think. And so by consistently thinking certain thoughts you can change yourself and your environment. We all have certain dreams and goals that we want to achieve. Whether we desire personal change in ourselves or a part of our lives, we want the goals achieved as fast as possible.

The best way to achieve your goal of change is to first think.

Think about the goal and how you can achieve it. This takes time and consistency. Whatever you are doing you should always have your goals in mind, and an understanding of whether what you are currently doing will affect your goal positively or negatively.

Once you have spent time thinking and planning the achievement of your change, it is time to achieve it. This is where your thoughts are transferred into matter. The energy you spent visualizing and conceptualizing the goal, is now to be spent on materializing it. Materialize your thoughts by doing exactly what you were thinking, exactly the way you thought it.

Of course circumstances and situations could attempt to hinder you; however, if you remain focused on the goal with your thoughts, carrying it out will become certain.

Whatever you think about the most will become a reality in your life.

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