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Have you ever heard the saying ‘two heads are better than one’? There are many scriptures in the bible that speak about teamwork: two are better than one Ecl 4:9-12, iron sharpens iron Pro 24:17, are just a couple of the most well-known.

Many successful people have been able to achieve their goals because of strategic partnerships, mentoring, and teamwork. Even a small business becomes more efficient when they can team-up with others of the same vision. Collaboration is evident to us every day, from music and film to fashion and food.

Collaboration, teamwork and partnership is needed in all areas of our lives. No one person has everything they need to succeed. We have been designed to work together. If you are trying to do everything on your own, you will never find that missing piece to the puzzle that will bring success.

If you have been hurt in the past, and have made a decision to go it alone, you are doing yourself a disservice. Just like the body needs all parts to function at its best, we need each other. Our society has lead us to believe that others do not want to share information, and if they do, it is only for their own advantage. This has led to a hoarding mentality where people have become reluctant to help and support others. This mentality is seen in all types of relationships from business to parents. In reality, successful individuals and organizations have learned that they can help themselves by helping others.

In order for us to lead successful lives we must master the art of collaborating, trust and teamwork. When we help each other, we help ourselves, and open doors that we would never have arrived at on our own.

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