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Your life will change, grow and progress according to the amount of courage you display. Knowing that the decision you are about to make may or may not work out the way you desire can, and often does prevent growth and change. The thought of the ‘what ifs’ overpower our intentions.

We often think about courage on a grand scale. We picture ourselves standing up to our greatest fears or ordeals and facing them head on. For many, this is what courage means, but we forget the small scale events in or lives that require courage. Our relationships, finances, emotional stability, all rely on our level of courage.

Courage is an unusual attribute. As young children, our innate ability to develop despite disabilities enables us to live without the need for courage. The more we experience the difficulties of life, our innate abilities falter and the need for courage becomes increasingly important.

Courage is often thought of as an absence of fear or anxiety, but this could not be further from the truth. If there is no fear or anxiety, then there is no need for courage. Courage acknowledges the fears but gives you the power to proceed anyway.

Courage can be developed. It is one of the fundamental characteristics needed to succeed in life. Without it, the safety and comfort zone in your life will inhibit growth.

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