Be Careful of Your Ego

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The ego is the part of us that is self-conscious and is connected to our self-esteem and self-importance. It basically dictates your opinion of yourself. Your ego is not a bad thing, but when it becomes the force behind your decisions and perception, then it becomes a problem. Having a high level of confidence in yourself is great, and often necessary for success, but if you begin to find that your choices and reasoning are increasingly self-serving then it’s time to check your ego.

Ego is not just about arrogance, but can be rooted in a hunger for approval and belonging. Some warning signs that you ego is in control are: you always have to be right; you always have to have more – the ego feels that there won’t be enough or things will run out; you always have to win and hate losing – the ego thrives on ruthlessly out-doing others.

Here are some ways to overcome an inflated ego: focus on generosity instead of having more. Try to love without asking ‘what’s in it for me?’ Be compassionate and look for ways that you can help others. Embrace differences and learn to find the value in the uniqueness of others.

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