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Using reflective practices is important for you to do in every area of your life. You will better understand yourself and how you work through personal and professional reflection. It happens when you begin to ask yourself questions that identify and evaluate your own performance in particular situations. Self-reflection can be difficult when you first start to utilize it because it causes you to admit and confront truths about yourself, but the outcome of regularly practicing reflection will allow you to be your best self personally and professionally.

Identifying your skills is essential as an entrepreneur or an employee. Clients and employers need to be able to see where you will fit in their business, and you need to know where your business will fit in the marketplace. If you understand your own personal and professional value, you can communicate it to others in a believable manner. Reflect on positive and negative work experiences that you have had. Evaluate your success as well as your mistakes, and consider everything from your communication to your emotions during the experience. Identify the skills and behaviors that either aided you or hindered you. Be honest with yourself about what you can and can’t do, and what you are willing to do to enhance and develop your abilities.

Reflection will build your confidence. During times of self-refection you may realize that you are able to do much more than you thought, and possess more skills than you previously recognized. It will give you the opportunity to recognize your accomplishments, and you will notice how your skills have developed over a period of time. When you feel confident about what you do, you will present your best self in all that you do. Confidence will also come from the personal behavior adjustments that will come naturally through self-assessment.

Increased confidence will lead to challenging yourself more, which ultimately leads to personal and professional growth and development. Reflection will change the way you see yourself, and will change the way others see you. Remember that it is a practice. Set a regular time where you can reflect on your experiences and plan your growth.

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Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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