Get Your Hands Dirty

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Gone are the times when the head honcho called all the shots, and the actual work trickled down to the lesser of the employees on the corporate ladder. In those days, an employee would start working at a company at the bottom and work their way up. Menial tasks were carried out by these, and their ideas or suggestions would not even be taken into consideration until they had proven themselves.

Today there has been a dramatic change in the way we do business, and the businesses that are going to survive are the ones where everyone is willing to get their hands dirty. This is especially true of small business. We now have employees that are not loyal to a company, but are loyal to an idea, concept, or belief and are not afraid to ‘job-hop’ to ensure they are promoting or upholding the concept they believe in.

Young employees are qualified and have ideas, and want to be heard and acknowledged. They will not stay where they feel that they are look down upon or are disregarded. Of course there is still room and need for mentorship, but in this new age of business everyone from the top to the bottom works together collaboratively for success individually and corporately.

If your desire to be successful in business is to sit back and call the shots, than you are in for a sharp shock. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Great leaders lead by example, relationship and connection.

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