Maximize Your Energy

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We can have the best laid plans, fantastic goals and dreams of achievement, but the reality is success takes work and effort. Work and effort need energy. If you find yourself stuck or not progressing as quickly as you hoped it could simply be because you don’t have the energy to carry out the necessary work. We put a lot of emphasis on time management, but what about energy management?

Energy drainers. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we are expending  stored energy. There are some activities that use up more than their fair share of energy, and, as a result, leave our energy resources depleted. Let’s start with the obvious, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. Sleep affects your motivation, willpower and energy levels. The next is limited movement. It seems as though less movement would be a great way to save energy, when in fact it does just the opposite. A lot of the technology we use to make life more efficient has restricted our need to move around. Driving and using computers, for example, actually have a draining effect. What you eat also has a major effect on your energy levels. Food effects your metabolism and hormonal system, which in turn impacts how you feel. Junk and sugary foods are major energy drainers. Another energy drainer that you might not have considered is worry and anxiety. Excessive worrying, drains and wastes the energy you could use productively elsewhere. Friends and family can also be an energy drainer. We don’t want to live without them, but we must be aware of the energy being spent on them. Negative and toxic people should receive very little of your energy.

Energy builders. Better quality sleep will restore your level of energy. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep in the dark. Limit the use of electronics before bedtime, and don’t take stimulants in the late afternoon or evening. If sleep is a problem, consider the use of calming herbal teas such as chamomile. Move more – activity actually builds energy capacity in your body and brain. Walk at least once a day, and plan some form of exercise into your routine. Eating better is the number one way to build or increase energy, as most of our energy comes from the food we eat. Eat balanced meals, and drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeine, and eat breakfast. Focus on the positive aspects of your life while you work on the things you want to change. Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid those who take advantage of you, and make sure you are taking time out for yourself to relax and take part in activities that replenish your energy and make you happy.

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