The Heart That Gives Will Never Be Empty

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This is the most loved time of the year for many. The holiday season is especially dedicated to family, food and festivities! It may not be a religious event for everyone, but it can be used as a period of time committed to thinking about, and giving to others.

If we can stop ourselves from being taken over by the commercialism of the season, we can truly make giving a priority. Giving is one activity that everyone can do that is as beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver.

Giving makes you happy. Not only does God love a cheerful giver, but studies show that giving makes you cheerful!

Giving evokes gratitude. When you give to others it makes you appreciative of what you have, as it reveals to yourself that you have enough abundance to be able to provide for more than just yourself.

Giving causes a return. When you give you receive, this is a fundamental law of the universe. And so, a simple benefit to giving is knowing that you will receive back what you gave out.

Giving benefits your health. Giving is a natural stimulus for the brain. Studies have shown that giving can lower blood-pressure, increase self-esteem and reduce stress levels.

Giving touches the world. When you give to others through money or a service you have a direct impact on a person or people, which will then create a domino effect that positively impacts communities, cities, countries and the entire world. No “small act of giving” is actually small, as it can have a drastic impact on many others.

Giving makes you whole. Humans are social beings who thrive on mutual support in tight communities. That is how humans have survived and how we have thrived. Therefore, giving is an important component that plays an important role in distinguishing you as human and a conscious being.

Giving is simply the right thing to do. There doesn’t and shouldn’t always be a reason to give other than that it is right. If you want to live the best life you could possibly live, giving should be at the top of your priorities.


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