Teach, Teacher!

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You may not have thought of yourself as a teacher, but you are in fact teaching daily through your behavior, speech and attitude. We as people are all natural learners, picking up information from our surroundings and experiences without even having to think about it. This, by default, also makes us all teachers. Everyone who comes into your surroundings learns something from you, whether good or bad.

Just being yourself is the most powerful way that you teach others. You have a responsibility to be you and teach by example. Your life speaks even when your voice doesn’t. How you react and respond to the situations in your life are being watched by someone who admires or looks up to you and will influence the way that they think and act.

Don’t be afraid to share what you know with others. You may not be an official mentor, but something as simple and informal as casual comments can have an impact on someone else. Sometimes people limit what they say to others because of not wanting to overstep boundaries. If you feel an urge to share some information with someone, follow your instinct. God has allowed you to come through various circumstances so that you can use what you know to help others.

We are all teachers who teach without knowing. When you understand this, you can use your life to teach from a place of service to others. There is someone in your environment that needs the information that you have, and you do not need a pulpit or a classroom to teach it.

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