Realistic Goal Setting

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It’s that time of year when we are paying attention to the coming new year and the future. Goals and new year resolutions are being set all over the world. We all have specific things that we want to achieve in life. Goals can be anything from how much money you want to earn, to what places you want to visit. Goals are important because they come from our desires, and our success and happiness often depend on achieving them. Therefore, we should all set out to establish attainable goals and work diligently to accomplish them. There are certain questions you should consider when you set your next goals…

Is this possible? Before working towards a goal, you should make sure that you can realistically achieve it. If you set your goals too high, you risk being very disappointed when you figure you can’t complete the goal. It is better to set continuous short-term achievable goals, in an effort towards achieving a long-term goal.

How long will it take to achieve? The length of time it will take to achieve a goal is worth being considered. Make sure you set a realistic time period to accomplish the goal. Once you decide on it regularly check your calendar to make sure that you are on target.

How will I go about funding or achieving this goal? Always figure out the best route to completing a goal before deciding upon it. Money is often necessary to achieve a goal, so make sure you have a plan in place to acquire the funds needed.  When the path to a goal is well planed out it is much easier to achieve.

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