Everybody is looking for the next step up. I mean who wouldn’t want to be promoted and/or awarded for their good service. Isn’t that what life is about, doing the best you can do where you are at, with the intentions of better coming? Well at least I hope it is. If you are settled where you are at, then this blog isn’t for you, I’ll talk about you on another day! 🙂
3 things to do before you can be promoted:

1. Executing with Precision on your Current Level
If you are ready for the next level that means you are already running at 110% at the level you are on. You can’t obtain promotion if you haven’t mastered the current level. It doesn’t matter how menial the task is, even if it is voluntary – you MUST master before advancing. Ask yourself this, do I come to work on time? Do I complete all task efficiently and above par? Am I in good relationship with my superiors? If you answered yes then you MIGHT be ready for the next.

2. Mentored a Successor

If you are really that good in your current position that you are eligible for a promotion then it’s time to train someone to take your place. This doesn’t have to be an official one-on-one, but it could mean sending a memo to the entire department with step by step instructions on how to complete your task properly. Maybe you should take the initiative to write an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for your particular position and keep it in a place where everyone in your department has access to it. If your department head feels secure enough that they can manage without you, they are more likely to assist you in your promotion. (Bearing in fact that you have #1 covered)

3. Prepare for the Next Level

Not only do you need to make sure there is someone to fill your place when you leave, you have to make sure that you can fill the place to which you are going. You may have to do some research and find out what is required for the next level. The type of hours that you’ll have to put in, will this be salary or hourly, will you be able to take off for major holidays. All of this is necessary BEFORE promotion.

If you can operate within the perimeters of the three above points you ARE READY for promotion!

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