There are so many things that we do for the “first” time that hold special memories in our hearts and minds. I can prove it to you…do you remember:

  • the first movie you ever saw in a theater?
  • your first time falling in love?
  • the day you graduated from high school or college?
  • the day your first child was born?

Hopefully, one or more of those memories is a positive one for you, because there truly is something special about the “firsts” in our lives. But unfortunately, “firsts” are not always positive experiences. I remember the first day that our son was diagnosed with cancer. That was one of the most catastrophic “first” days for me and for my wife as well. As sad as that time was for us, there are so many, more people in that exact same situation.

Around the globe, over 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year, which means there are over a quarter of a million parents that have the same dreadful “first” day that their child was diagnosed with cancer as well.

I want you to know that if you are one of those parents, not only do we emphasize with your pain; we are here to help. If you have never faced this indescribable sorrow, we want to equip with the knowledge so you join us in helping families in need. Families who have children with terminal illnesses face so much and even though you may feel helpless, there are so many ways you can help.

 Stay connected to learn more.


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