I believe that although it is important to not have false hope when facing a situation when the odds are overwhelmingly grim, I also believe that it is equally important to never let go hope.

As my wife and I travel and meet families across our state who are facing the health crisis of their child, I am learning more and more just how important hope is in the journey.

I want to encourage you to have hope today in whatever tough situation you may be facing. One of the ways to always have hope, it to wake up every single day and find something to be grateful for. When my wife and I were struggling to manage life after our son was diagnosed, we learned the power in this. Somedays we were happy that his treatment went well. Other days, we were just happy to be able to hold him and see him smile. No matter how bad it got, we never let our candle of hope grow too dim.

So today, I pray, you too can find hope in the midst of your struggle. We are believing with you!

Stay connected to receive more hope and encouragement.

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