I work in the leasing industry and every once in a while someone will come across my desk that has to be evicted. Now, we do everything within our power to help people so that this can be avoided, but sometimes there is nothing else we can do.

Well, often that is the case with God. He has been sending you little warnings and signs that He needs you to change your course of action. We have all been there, and like many of you I have both yielded to the signs and ignored them completely. Thank God that He loves us enough to never let us get so comfortable with somewhere we should not be, something that we should not be doing or someone we should not be around.

Every once in a while He will show up and yank us to a greater place of purpose! So if you have been feeling a little uneasy, take some time and seek Him. He will help navigate you to your next place…your next great place of power, purpose and destiny!

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