I remember being a kid and wanting to grow up. I could not wait to be an adult! I think many of us wish we could get back in a time capsule and go back to a time of no bills, but it’s too late! We are already here in Adultland.

As challenging as it can be sometimes, I am comforted in knowing that I don’t have to have it all figured out and neither do you. God has a plan for each of us. Scripture reminds us if we lean not on our own understanding and trust in Him then He will direct our paths.

It can be tough to depend on someone else, especially as an adult. We have our vision boards, 5-year plans and there is nothing wrong with that. We just have to remember to write our plans in pencil, because sometimes God has the final say and ultimately, that is a great thing.

I want to encourage you to have a plan, but keep it in prayer to the Father. He will complete the good work that He began in you. So you don’t have to worry or fret. Just let go and trust Him.

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