As we prepare to go into the weekend, I just want to give you a quick word of encouragement. As I was admiring some plants the other day, I had a revelation. God could have chosen any method He desired to grow plants and flowers; however, He cultivated a process that required a seed to be placed in the dirt in order to grow.

Now, I know that there are many other factors needed to grow plants but stay with me a minute. I know gardeners who plant using gloves and ones who use their hands, but both require them coming into contact with dirt.

If you ever find yourself deep in a situation that is messy and dirty, don’t worry. The dirt is a necessary part of your growth process. God is trying to take little “seed” you and produce “plant” or “flower” you. Something that is magnificent and amazing. The only thing is you can’t go from seed to plant. You must get planted in the dirt first. The dirty, dark place is often a key ingredient for our next place of greatness, so hang in there. The rains will fall, the sun with shine and before you know it you will have blossomed into something incredible, something beyond anything you can ask, think or imagine. Just remember the dirt is a necessary part of the process.

Enjoy your weekend and rest in God’s promises and His process!


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