I love watching babies fall asleep in the parents’ arms. It is such a powerful reminder to me that I have a heavenly Father that I can depend on as completely as a newborn baby relies on his or her parents for every single need.

We live in a world that it is constant motion. Sometimes it can become very easy to get into a cycle of sleeping but not truly able to achieve rest. When our bodies get in our beds and try to initiate the important regiment of sleep but are unable to achieve it, serious consequences can occur.

One or two sleepless or restless nights at first may not seem like a big deal, but over time the effects become more severe:

• lack of alertness
• impaired memory
• relationship stress
• reduced quality of life
• increased risk for traffic accidents/fatalities
• serious health issues
• obesity
• loss of Libido
• premature aging
• depression

Well, as concerned as we are for America’s 70 million individuals who suffer from sleep disorders (according to Sleep Med of Santa Barbara).

One of the reasons that so many people suffer is because they refuse to cast their cares on Jesus. Jesus died for sins, our past and our future. We must become more efficient at laying every concern at His feet.

God will never leave you or forsake you, you can go ahead and rest in that. He has carried the weight of the world on His shoulders since creation, so just know He can carry the weight of your life and issues as well. Go ahead, rest in Him.

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