I know that life can be stressful and unpredictable. I know that sometimes a relationship challenge, a health scare or a career detour can upset your entire existence. Trust me, I understand, I have been there myself. In spite of which ever challenge may be affecting or may have affected you, I want to encourage you to be determined to use your gift.

God had blessed each of us with very unique giftings. Each of has gifts that are as unique to us as our very fingerprint. Every day you refuse to use it, is a day you are wasting a gift that God gave specifically to you. Don’t do it!

Use your gift. If you cannot use it at your job, use it at a volunteer agency, but whatever you do make sure you don’t sit on your gift. There is someone waiting on you. Someone needs to hear your song, read your poem, hear your motivational message, taste your cooking or experience your life through a written book or even spoken word. Your talents and gifts matter.

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