I am not sure if you have ever been driving at night and you hit a country Carolina road where there are no street lights, but I sure have! Sometimes there is nothing worse than finding yourself on one of those roads after dark.

Have you ever noticed that even a road you have driven on before can be difficult to maneuver in after dark? That is because sometimes familiarity fades in the black of night.

Well, some of you may be facing darkness right now in your life. Your money is funny, you seem to have more bills than money, you are in constant prayer for everything: your kids, spouse, supervisor, the cat, the dog and the car! I just want to encourage you. Some of these prayers you have prayed before. Some of these challenges you have faced and God has given you the victory. I want you to remember those times. As the song goes, “Same God back then…same God right now. If he did it before, He can do it again.”

I don’t want that just to be another song for you. I want you to make that declaration as you turn on the headlights of your life. The same way the headlights shatter the darkness, the light of the Father will overtake your situation, He will illuminate your path and be with you until your weeping night turns to morning joy. There is power in the light. Use it!

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