Wow. It is has been a turbulent month around the globe…rumors of wars, devastation from natural disasters and attack of sports’ leagues on issues related to racism, patriotism, and division.

In regards to the issue of war, we must be in prayer for our world leaders. God is truly able to turn the hearts of the leaders, just as he did with Pharoah in the Old Testament.

In regards to all the issues of the devastation caused by the earthquake and storms, we must be determined to give support in whatever we can. This week I am particularly grieved over the state of U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and the delay of people who live there to receive the basic necessities.

Finally, amidst all of the controversy that has been sparked by our President’s statements in regards to the NBA and NFL, the NFL took a powerful this week. They chose unity over division. That is what we must be determined to do in the body of Christ. We must be determined to choose love. We must love and care about our brothers and sisters displaced by the turbulent storms and we must remember that a soft answer turns away wrath. Love will always win. It may get tougher to love in these last and evil days, but our Father commanded us to love each other. I am praying that He will give us all the grace to choose love.


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